Slides, Caves, Cages… Oh my!

Yesterday, we traveled to St. Louis  for a day out because of my son’s upcoming birthday. We decided to visit the St. Louis City Museum. There is so much to do in this 10 story building. The creators of this place have put forth so much effort to make this an enjoyable and exciting place to go, for people of all ages.

Since our last visit about 6 years ago, there are so many new holes, tunnels, slides, exhibits and additions. There has also since been some exhibits eliminated but the fun is still ever-present. It’s not only fun for children but for the whole family. Some of the activities may be limited due to the fear of claustrophobia or because your knees can’t handle the crawling. It all depends on the person. I, myself, thoroughly enjoyed it. As did Chase and his friend. There wasn’t a face I passed while there that wasn’t smiling or seeming to enjoy themselves.

We first visited the tunnels, crawl spaces and tree-house like structures. Apparently, its called the “Mezzanine”. I don’t even know how to properly explain all the structures and explorations you’ll get yourself into. There are concrete caves and tunnels. There are tree like places to climb up and metal bars to cross while you look down at what lies on the floor. There are beautifully and creatively tiled floors, walls and pillars. There is something that will be sure to catch your attention anywhere you’ll look.

You never know what you might find hiding in the darkness of the maze like caves.

Oh look, a frog.
City Museum- St. Louis
I have no idea what’s eating Chase…

The countless hours that have been put forth to this crazy yet amazing museum is mind blowing. It was, “Oh look at this.” “How in the world did they do that?” over and over. We next found our way to the other floors. There were more mazes, a small train, many crazy fast slides, a museum of individual art work, and strange seats that can make you loose your lunch.

City Museum- St. Louis

City Museum- St. Louis
There were somewhere between 40-45,000 little plastic people holding up the glass platform the boys were standing on.

There is a room so that you can creatively express yourselves by adding to something that has already been started, like the castle pictured below, or use their supplies to create something on your own. It is all up to your imagination.

City Museum- St. Louis
A room for creating anything that your mind and fingers will allow.

We also paid the extra cost to do the roof top. Yes, the roof top. Something I had stated earlier in this post was that it was 10 stories of fun. I should correct myself. The full 10 story building isn’t filled with places to explore but by the end of the day, you will feel as if you have been on each of the 10 floors with all the spaces and places to go.

First thing we did was the 10 story slide of course…. 10 stories of twists, sliding down, on your back, around and around. I was a bit dizzy when I reached the bottom. But I also giggled and would have done it again.

City Museum- St. Louis
10 stories up.

It was back to the roof top once we found our way out of the maze. Yes, we got lost trying to find our way back out. We went up, then down, the circled around and finally… we found the exit. Alive. 😉

Infamous school bus on the roof.
Infamous school bus on the roof.

The rooftop has a school bus teetering on the edge of the building. No worries though. It is bolted and completely safe to sit in the driver seat and even open the door. Cages, bolts and safety structures let you have the thrill of the height but also settles your shaking knees since you know it won’t be going anywhere.

City Museum- St. Louis

The rooftop provides so much more than the school bus. I wish I could share video’s here of the boys going down the large metal slide, it was quite comical. They first had to pull their way to the top using a rope of the metal bar railings (there was an easier way, but I didn’t let them in on the secret, haha. I made them work for the fun.) Then, they sit and slide insanely quick to the bottom in a rather disorderly yet entertaining fashion.

There is also a Ferris wheel that allows you to see the surrounding buildings and sites. What an amazing experience. I’ve never been in the Arch so this would be the closest to it I suppose.

Last stop of the day was back down to the airplane. I’m not going to lie, crawling through the cage from one place to the next made my knees weak, my movements slow and my breath short. But… I’d do it again.

I didn’t get near enough pictures of all the fascinating and unbelievable creativeness that has came from the inventive and ingenious minds of the museum’s creators. Yes, you will smell weird smells (I’ll leave this to your imagination), bump your head or scrape your back (Thomas and I both did), go through places that you are completely unsure of where you’re going, BUT it is a good time. If you haven’t yet or even if you have, you should check it out (again)! I think there are new things being built and added all the time. I haven’t even touched on all the impressive and fascinating things you will see or experience. You’ll just have to go experience it for yourself.

Just a little advice from me:

  • So many people had knee pads and that was a smack-yourself-on-the-forehead good idea.
  • You can pack your lunch and go out of museum to eat lunch but they do have places to eat inside the museum as well. They sells pizza, sandwiches and more. I would personally bring bottled water next time. As hot as you get exploring, you need plenty of fluids.
  • Wear tennis shoes and t-shirts.  No sandals or tank tops.  (However, this isn’t a must.)
  • A headlamp would be a good idea. Some of those places are DARK!
  • Pay the extra $5.00 for the rooftop access.
  • AND go prepared to be a kid again!

Click below to go to their home page. There you will find pricing, admission and hours. It even states you can have birthday parties here AND sleepovers.  Go explore…..

St. Louis City Museum





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