Our knowledge can be powerful. How will you use it?

"Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength. However, there are times in life in which it takes much more strength to just let go." And let God. I've walked and walked and walked for others for years until the souls of both my shoes and inner peace are... Continue Reading →



What a year has taught me. Chasing dreams, changing times, and rearranging goals. Misery, love, pain, contentment, challenges, acceptance, set-backs, reaching outside your comfort zone, testing the unknown= LIFE. Never pass up a chance to make a change or to enjoy every second. January- March I discovered that little things in life will make your... Continue Reading →

5 tips from this dynamic duo.

Don't laugh y'all. It's really true. My husband and I are like a dynamic duo. Our marriage has been through many stages and changes and, boy oh boy, it's been a ride. So , without further ado, here's a little ditty about us. He likes the shade while I like the sun. I like my... Continue Reading →

Vacation. Take 2.

Day 4 ¹/2 Scott is a magnet for trouble. Since Sea World, he broke out in hives. Everywhere. On his legs, arms, stomach, back and neck. At first we thought it may have been his sun allergy but it was't the same rash. Maybe an allergic reaction to the darn $16.00 sunscreen from Sea World? Nope.... Continue Reading →

Are we there yet?

That question is pretty typical when traveling with young children. Surprisingly, I only heard it about 4 times on our travel down. On the other hand I heard, "Tonna, ah you doin'?" about every 2 miles for most of the hours Nolan was awake. Lots of giggles, watching of license plates and movie switches. There... Continue Reading →

How can they be so selfish?

It's summer time. Upcoming vacation. Remodeling taking place. Messes need cleaned. Do these children care about that? Nope. They don't. They are selfish little beings I tell ya. 😉 Floors need swept- again. Floor need mopped-again. Laundry needs to be gathered for washing. Packing needs to be taking place. But I have to pause for... Continue Reading →

Rain. Rambles. Running.

My ears heard drippling’s as I laid in bed upon waking. It has rained here so much lately, I almost think that Missouri is becoming somewhat like Seattle. It’s caused rising rivers, stopped construction, yard swamps and drive-way creeks. Not to mention somewhat dreary moods. As the sprinkles and drops fall from the sky and... Continue Reading →

One goal accomplished.

As I sat in one of the chairs that held about 100 other graduates on May 21, I realized that I had began a new chapter in my life. I set out to tackle a goal that had to be achieved in order to continue my specific position as an employee of Head Start. I... Continue Reading →

Boys will be boys.

If there is a mud puddle, Kendall grabs a truck and destroys it. Not the truck but the puddle. He doesn't get his feet wet. He doesn't jump in the puddle. He doesn't make mud balls. He just proceeds to "mud" the truck over and over. I do believe that one day, when he's old... Continue Reading →

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