Well shit.

Warning: there may be a curse word that follows. We live in a world that is serious as shit. There is so much shit that floats around everyday that you focus on the bad shit and it keeps you from enjoying the good shit. So, when you find yourself up a shit creek without a... Continue Reading →


You can.

I have learned that pain has purpose, which, at the peak of excruciating discomfort, brings me little consolation. Hindsight, though, has often proven pain's value. In fact, I have found pain to be one of life's most effective teachers. ~Patsy Clairmont Do you ever wake hoping that the weight of the many problems lounging on... Continue Reading →

5 tips from this dynamic duo.

Don't laugh y'all. It's really true. My husband and I are like a dynamic duo. Our marriage has been through many stages and changes and, boy oh boy, it's been a ride. So , without further ado, here's a little ditty about us. He likes the shade while I like the sun. I like my... Continue Reading →

Rain. Rambles. Running.

My ears heard drippling’s as I laid in bed upon waking. It has rained here so much lately, I almost think that Missouri is becoming somewhat like Seattle. It’s caused rising rivers, stopped construction, yard swamps and drive-way creeks. Not to mention somewhat dreary moods. As the sprinkles and drops fall from the sky and... Continue Reading →

One goal accomplished.

As I sat in one of the chairs that held about 100 other graduates on May 21, I realized that I had began a new chapter in my life. I set out to tackle a goal that had to be achieved in order to continue my specific position as an employee of Head Start. I... Continue Reading →

Human decency. Priceless.

Sit back and look at the world around you. It seems to me that in today's society, there are many more people walking around pointing snickering fingers and sharing their disapproving opinions of others. People are quick to judge not only others appearances but decisions that one might make. Relationships, good-hearted kindness and people are... Continue Reading →

You can if only you try.

On top of the world is a great place to be. The feeling of completion and the high you get when you're there, can be accomplished from so many different experiences. Obviously, flying in an airplane can leave you feeling- on top of the world. Achieving that great grade in an exam you just knew... Continue Reading →

How will you see it?

The way I see it, you have two choices. You can live in gloomy, clouded darkness within the sunless corners of your life; Where everything is a hindrance and you are burdened by everyone and everything. When everything that happens to you is someone else's fault and it seems to be the end of the... Continue Reading →

Believe In Yourself

You are a once in a lifetime person, why live for anything less? If you're going through hell, walk on and keep going. A brand new happiness is ahead of you. Each step you take, whether tough, easy or even one you're uncertain of, it's well worth it in the end. God put it in... Continue Reading →

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