Our knowledge can be powerful. How will you use it?

"Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength. However, there are times in life in which it takes much more strength to just let go." And let God. I've walked and walked and walked for others for years until the souls of both my shoes and inner peace are... Continue Reading →


Well shit.

Warning: there may be a curse word that follows. We live in a world that is serious as shit. There is so much shit that floats around everyday that you focus on the bad shit and it keeps you from enjoying the good shit. So, when you find yourself up a shit creek without a... Continue Reading →

Voices and Choices

From day one I knew having a child would be a challenge. There was no book I'd ever read, no lesson I was ever taught and no experience I'd have ever faced that would have prepared me for motherhood. Heck, parenthood for that matter. (Father's have been known to be mother's too and vice-versa. I'm... Continue Reading →

‘What’s the point?’

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls. Everyone has disappointments in their lives. Whether it's disappointments in their self, disappointment because of another person, or disappointment because a situation didn't turn out exactly as planned. Disappointments come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and depths. Out of our disappointments we can find lessons. We can find our strength.... Continue Reading →

You can.

I have learned that pain has purpose, which, at the peak of excruciating discomfort, brings me little consolation. Hindsight, though, has often proven pain's value. In fact, I have found pain to be one of life's most effective teachers. ~Patsy Clairmont Do you ever wake hoping that the weight of the many problems lounging on... Continue Reading →


What a year has taught me. Chasing dreams, changing times, and rearranging goals. Misery, love, pain, contentment, challenges, acceptance, set-backs, reaching outside your comfort zone, testing the unknown= LIFE. Never pass up a chance to make a change or to enjoy every second. January- March I discovered that little things in life will make your... Continue Reading →

5 tips from this dynamic duo.

Don't laugh y'all. It's really true. My husband and I are like a dynamic duo. Our marriage has been through many stages and changes and, boy oh boy, it's been a ride. So , without further ado, here's a little ditty about us. He likes the shade while I like the sun. I like my... Continue Reading →

Healthy eats for the summer heat.

Tonight, I was able to enjoy dinner at a close friends home. With ingredients in hand from researched recipes found on Pinterest, we prepped and prepared our meal together. With a glass of spiked lemonade (YUM), our small boys giggled, argued and played in the background as we sliced, mixed, and sizzled our way to... Continue Reading →

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