Healthy eats for the summer heat.

Tonight, I was able to enjoy dinner at a close friends home. With ingredients in hand from researched recipes found on Pinterest, we prepped and prepared our meal together. With a glass of spiked lemonade (YUM), our small boys giggled, argued and played in the background as we sliced, mixed, and sizzled our way to... Continue Reading →


I forgot, have you?

I forgot my why. I forgot my goals. It all became unimportant. I have time. I can make time. I can do it. It's so easy to find an excuse. Lazy is lack of a better term, and dang it hurts to classify myself as lazy but it's so damn true. You just have to... Continue Reading →

You have to start somewhere.

The start to my lifestyle journey in a very small nutshell- The year was 2011 and I was chunky, self-conscious and unhappy with not only my appearance but my life as well. I don’t honestly recall what the deciding factor was, but I made the decision I was going to try a new lifestyle. NOT... Continue Reading →

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