Voices and Choices

From day one I knew having a child would be a challenge. There was no book I'd ever read, no lesson I was ever taught and no experience I'd have ever faced that would have prepared me for motherhood. Heck, parenthood for that matter. (Father's have been known to be mother's too and vice-versa. I'm... Continue Reading →


So help me… if that’s another dirty dish.

There is an article floating around the interweb, “She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink”, and if you haven’t ran across it, you should click there and read it. I shouldn't have to micro-manage my household. If you know it needs done, DO IT! If you know it needs cleaned, clean it.... Continue Reading →

How can they be so selfish?

It's summer time. Upcoming vacation. Remodeling taking place. Messes need cleaned. Do these children care about that? Nope. They don't. They are selfish little beings I tell ya. 😉 Floors need swept- again. Floor need mopped-again. Laundry needs to be gathered for washing. Packing needs to be taking place. But I have to pause for... Continue Reading →

Boys will be boys.

If there is a mud puddle, Kendall grabs a truck and destroys it. Not the truck but the puddle. He doesn't get his feet wet. He doesn't jump in the puddle. He doesn't make mud balls. He just proceeds to "mud" the truck over and over. I do believe that one day, when he's old... Continue Reading →

Story time

This was story time. Keeleigh says, "let's read a story." Nolan, "Tay" Keeleigh, "sit here" Nolan complies Keeleigh, "upon a time..." Too much talking to capture after this but it will have to be recorded next time because it was so freakin cute. They stayed like this, Nolan holding the bear listening contently to Keeleigh... Continue Reading →

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