Well shit.

Warning: there may be a curse word that follows.

We live in a world that is serious as shit. There is so much shit that floats around everyday that you focus on the bad shit and it keeps you from enjoying the good shit. So, when you find yourself up a shit creek without a paddle and you wind up shit faced in a shit storm from the tough shit, dumb shit and crazy shit and life leaves you shit-less; wise up, rise up, get your shit together, sprinkle your love and shit everywhere. Knock heads of the dipshits that antagonize the shit out of you; they’re all chickenshits anyway.

Ever feel like you’ve been shit on? I have. But, I’ve also been the pooer. I know. SHOCKER!

Ok, honestly, the picture isn’t all that great. But really look at it. Notice the bird crap right in the forefront, right in focus. Nasty, chunky, digested worm guts, the bird dung right there on what used to be my clean windshield. Those dang birds have absolutely no respect for clean windshields. It’s really rather rude.


However, back to the point. Shit and being dumped on. Everyone has a bad day every now and then. It’s how you choose to treat others when you are having that crisis or bad day. It’s not their fault you rolled out of bed on the wrong side, got soap in your eye while showering and now your eye is on fire and lucky you, then you stub your toe getting out of the shower. On your way to work you get stuck behind grandma on her way to the turtle flocking convention and it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t know what street she needs to turn down because she’s turned her blinker on 5 times and at 9 different streets. Then when you walk into work you find out your co-worker calls out sick. Hot coffee drips onto your shirt and when you look down, you notice your shirt is on backwards (how does that even happen?). When your stomach begins to growl, you go to your lunch bag only to discover you forgot your breakfast on the counter at home and now your diet is shot because the only restaurant close is the donut shop. (Gasp! That’s a lot of bad wrapped up in a few hours or less) Ever have a day similar to this? Where everything seems slow, backwards and nothing is going your way? ✋Me✋Me✋I have!

But listen, your day can change if your attitude does. It’s not anyone’s fault that all those things happened to you, they just happened. Let go of them and move past them. Keisha Mei Ash (your sick co-worker who you now have to cover for) will be well hopefully tomorrow and your work load will decrease. Grandma hopefully found her way to turtle paradise and one cheat meal won’t hurt you. One bad day doesn’t equal a bad life. Don’t dump on others. Be happy and thankful you are able to breathe and live no matter the circumstances. Someone else is wishing for a job, a car, clothes, food and all the little things that we take for granted.


Look at the bigger picture. Do you see that? The sun setting in the back ground; the American flag flying and flowing in the breeze letting you know, for now, you still have your freedom; all the people continuing to live and move about their life. The shit that’s right in front of you can be washed away. Or you can leave it there to stare you down, make you pissy because you can’t see through it. You can let it aggravate you that the little pecker heads decided your clean window was the perfect spot to take a shit. News flash: Quit being so foolish and irritated. Even birds have to potty. Everyone poops. Sorry it was on you. Put a little soap and water on that shit and wash it away.

Forget the shit for a moment. Sunsets happen every night. Even though they aren’t always breath taking- I still thank the Heavens above and the Lord who created them for every single one. Because without a sunset, especially here in Po-dunk MO, I know the sun will not rise the next morning and my eyes will not see another day.

‘Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.’

-Kristen Butler-

Just like a bad experience, a stubbed throbbing toe, a rough day: it too shall pass. Smile through your poor me’s. At the end of today, own that air punch. You know, the one you punch the air and say “YEA, I made it another day!” ? No? Is it just me? Well if you haven’t, maybe you should. Your accomplishments should be celebrated. And YES, making it through one rough day and still being able to smile, knowing you were kind all day despite the unpleasant events IS an accomplishment. Perspective is a big deal. See the positive. Better yet, be the positive.

Put on some hippie shades and make this day the best day of your life! Oh, and NO DUMPING!





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  1. Well said my darling daughter! Thank you for putting life in perspective again. I wish more people thought this way! Thanks again for the inspiration! Love you!


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