‘What’s the point?’

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls. Everyone has disappointments in their lives. Whether it’s disappointments in their self, disappointment because of another person, or disappointment because a situation didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

Disappointments come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and depths. Out of our disappointments we can find lessons. We can find our strength. We can find that things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay. It’s okay to be weak for a moment. Even the strongest person will have moments of weakness and will question their ability. Not everyone will admit this, but I’m most certain it happens. Of course it might not be publicized or discussed because that may show a sign of weakness. And who really likes to feel weak?

But even if for a small second you have a question in your mind, that disappointment will start to grow. It starts with an insecurity so small that every passing second you think about it, it will continue to grow and become something so big that you’re not even sure how to handle it or which direction to head. Leading you to a block.

It’s easy to give in to disappointment, throw your hands in the air and say ‘you know what I screwed it up. I’m just going to continue to screw it up so it’s easier just to give up. I’m done. I’m finished. I have no strength, courage, time, or effort to continue on. I’ve already shamed myself. I’m embarrassed. What’s the point?’

There have been times that I wanted to throw in the towel, wrap it up in a box and ship it off to China not ever having to see it again. That’s kind of like tapping out before the fight even gets started. Like saying ‘I’m done’ and you merely only made eye contact.

Will you ever get anywhere else without falling? Will you ever have a new chance if you had shipped the towel to China? Do you want to make a difference in what you did wrong so that you can stand up and say ‘boo-yaa’? 👊🏼

The point of this is that you will have disappointments all the time. You will have the chance to learn from those disappointments and what you’re going to do different the next chance you get. Each disappointment is an opportunity to write out your worries and notice what went well within those disappointments and come up with a plan to try again. Don’t waste disappointments. Take time to notice the glass on the floor. However, sweep it up so that you will feel safe enough to rationalize within your mind and decide what went wrong and where you need to go next time.

In a moment of weakness, look for that smidgen of hope. Work out on that hope and build it up. Watch it grow and turn the situation all around. Failure doesn’t have to win. Even if it’s not failure, a slip doesn’t have to turn into a life-changing event. You don’t have to look at that and think ‘I just can’t do it’. Sometimes that tiny smidgen of hope leads to amazing things. Look hard. Work hard. No one should be working harder than you do.


Be amazing.


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