You can.

I have learned that pain has purpose, which, at the peak of excruciating discomfort, brings me little consolation. Hindsight, though, has often proven pain’s value. In fact, I have found pain to be one of life’s most effective teachers. ~Patsy Clairmont

Do you ever wake hoping that the weight of the many problems lounging on your shoulders would be put to rest while you slept. Then upon opening your eyes as you sit straight up, reaching out above your head you feel that tense pain; the weight, the grief, the problems are still there. Sitting their fat rumpus on your head, neck, back, shoulders. You feel hopeless. The plan of it disappearing happens to be wishful thinking huh? Adulting doesn’t happen that way. Look the problems straight in the face and don’t let them win. Be bigger than the problem. Accept responsibility, don’t put the blame on someone or something else –> Be a winner. Do what you have to do (with morals and honesty of course). Make sacrifices, for one day you’ll be ahead of where you are today thanking God for the opportunities and troubled times that have came to pass. Don’t give up- just keep moving forward.

If you stop to address the doubters, naysayers, and cynics- you’ll be wasting time. Show them up. Do your best everyday because YOU want to. Be the answer to your problems because YOU want it. Stand up for truth because YOU know you can and its the right thing to do. Keep the truth in the open because then no one can knock you down. Don’t deny the truth or your mistakes. Accept responsibility. Truth hurts but lies and blame can destroy. Destroy EVERYTHING!

For the doubters chasing you, throwing stones- keep them. Put them in a box and stow them away. When you’re ready, use them to build a walkway to your future; a bridge to a better you. Someday is today. Let pain be your inspiration. You can-so do.


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