What a year has taught me. Chasing dreams, changing times, and rearranging goals. Misery, love, pain, contentment, challenges, acceptance, set-backs, reaching outside your comfort zone, testing the unknown= LIFE. Never pass up a chance to make a change or to enjoy every second.


January- March

I discovered that little things in life will make your heart grow. I realized that my 11 year old (now 12) son will soon be 18 and moved away and that paying for him to go through driving school just may be a darn good investment. And necessary for my nerves and anxiety. I also noticed just how close the little eyes watch every single thing EVERYONE does, how they soak in your mood and that the ears in this house DO work.



I noticed that children can entertain themselves with junk and $$ is wasted on all the cool new gadgets and toys they play with once maybe thrice and it’s old news. I learned that even when you’re feeling upside down, there is always someone willing to love and comfort you. I came to the conclusion that the boys in my household enjoy making me crazy. I mastered my goal- school, one bachelors and associates under my belt! Woop! We were able to have a big (and unforgettable) celebration for my childhood bff’s wedding and graduated on the same day. I blinked and my sons appearance changed; every single time. Since growing up is inevitable, I’ve concluded that soaking up all the changes is necessary and sometimes I lose sight of cherish-able moments until it’s a second to late. (working on that….)



Construction will forever be a thing around here and I have come to accept that. Nolan enjoys destruction and construction both. Destruction like Scott and construction like me.  I noticed for the 125, 764, 329, 098th time, my son is the coolest kid ever. I realized that I enjoy quiet time with my husband more than spending evenings and tons of money. Phase 10 reminded us of many more things than signing a check for an overpriced meal ever would. We found out that not only would I be an aunt again but that it was a girl! I just cannot wait! My nieces are the best.



Summer, bedtimes and routines are near non-existent. Ice cream and messes are necessary. Friends and cousins are a must. Family and fun are impossible to pass up.



Vacation was memorable and I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed it. Check out all the photos here:

Vacation, take 1

Vacation, take 2


July- September

Surgeries, sickness, changes. Chase started middle school and with that school ball. I learned many more things than these pictures display. I realized, more and more everyday, that people’s actions speak louder than words. I learned that not everyone has the same heart as you and that IF you allow, they will take advantage of you every chance they get. I also realized that some are only out after their selfish best interest, despite who else is involved. And I also learned to never pass up an opportunity to stomp your feet in the puddles. Life is too short to stand on the porch.


September- October

I witnessed a baby (or belly) growing, witches walking, my son growing, the toddler’s life lessons, and my heart growing, breaking and changing.



My sons first shiner is in the books and boy, was it a doozie. Nolan transitioned into a big boy bed. I was ecstatic about my sons first F! God knows how much I love that boy. I realized I miss my nieces and nephew terribly so time with them is important. And of course that my grandma and grandpa are still 110% in love after 38 years of LIFE and not only do I cherish them but look up to them as well. My husband and I need to write life goals and see them through. And a big change in my life took place and all the support I’ve had has absolutely blown me away. I love my people.



Change, challenges, choices and Christmas.

What a year.


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