One goal accomplished.

As I sat in one of the chairs that held about 100 other graduates on May 21, I realized that I had began a new chapter in my life. I set out to tackle a goal that had to be achieved in order to continue my specific position as an employee of Head Start. I am thankful and extremely appreciative of the opportunity that was presented to me, my degree achievement.

Fist bumping my son. He seen all that I worked for. I set an example for him that education is important. As many sacrifices he’s made through my journey, he was smiling back at me with his fist bump ready. Proud. My heart skipped a beat.

There were a variant of degrees sitting in those chairs. Bachelors of science in nursing, education, psychology, business, elementary education… There were even those that were walking in achievement of Master of Education, Master of Science of Clinical Counseling… And then those who walked with honors. There were even fellow classmates who walked to achieve a like degree as me- Bachelors of Science (Child Development).

No matter what my degree was in, I sat there, humbled, that I had family there- proud of my achievements. There were many a number of sacrifices that had to be made by my family, friends and even myself along the way and no one turned their back on me. Instead, they were completely understanding.

It may be empty for now but the folder is a symbol of my achievement.

Despite the degree, that is merely a piece of paper with a label, I’m capable of so many things. One day I may change the world but until then I will stay humble and proud that I, was able to obtain a degree that allows me to touch hearts and change lives. Some children come to school to be educated, some come to school to be loved and feel secure… I’m in charge of little lives that may one day make a difference in the world. No matter where my path may lead- a classroom, an office, behind the scenes or stage front- I have the love and support of so many. I sure am a lucky gal.


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