Human decency. Priceless.

Sit back and look at the world around you. It seems to me that in today’s society, there are many more people walking around pointing snickering fingers and sharing their disapproving opinions of others. People are quick to judge not only others appearances but decisions that one might make. Relationships, good-hearted kindness and people are being taken advantage of everywhere. Maybe I just realize it more now since I’m older? Who knows.

Because of the spoken judgements, hurtful words and looks, there are several that fall victim to depression, misery and feelings of hurt.

Have you ever felt as if you have failed? Whether it was at life, your child(ren), friendships, anything in general? I bet you remember how you felt on the inside at that very moment. Why would you want someone else to feel that way?

Have you ever felt walked on or taken advantage of because of your kindness? Maybe favors you did were forgotten or more was expected of your kindness. Were relationships neglected? Did someone leave you feeling emptied? Drained?

I know several times I’ve been caught up in negativity, almost drowned in thoughts, and let hurt feelings almost eat me alive. I did kindness for others expecting the same in return when in reality not everybody has the same heart as me. And that’s OK. We all love differently. My heart may beat the same as everyone else but it doesn’t feel the same as everyone else. It even responds differently to circumstances of others. Everyone’s heart is different but human decency should be the same.

Personally, I think that we as humans are responsible for making others feel appreciated, loved, valued… And it all starts within us.



Women can be catty and spiteful. Words can come from their mouths that can strike the heart and damage a soul. Even looks- if looks could kill, I know a few that may be in prison from deadly glares. Men can be just as malicious, rude, egotistical and downright awful. But we don’t have to be all that.

We- men, women, humans- should use our powerful voice to touch others and show support. We shouldn’t expect more then we are willing to give. (Can we make this a law?) Since we are in charge of our own lives, encouraging and influencing others should be something we do on a regular basis. By simply spreading kindness and true appreciation.


We as humans-adults, companions, strangers- have the ability to empower one another. To lift up, encourage, to boost another persons spirit. This is huge. We hold tremendous amounts of power all within our presence and behind our voice that can either be detrimental or virtuous.

When we become compassionate adults, we are in turn teaching our children how to treat others. Because whether you believe it or not, they are watching, soaking up every word and every gesture that we make towards another human.


Investing our time, generous acts and thoughtful words into one another is a tremendous act of kindness. This can have an enormous impact on humanity. Because no matter how much money you have or what position in society you have- you do have the power change someone’s day and potentially, life. By the compliments you give, the kind hearted smile you share, or the wink that you send someone’s way- you are validating their purpose and that they do mean something.

I should also make this clear- it is important that you do not try to milk all that you can from someone’s spirit and kindly gestured friendship. A person that is taken for granted time and time again will eventually, “hang their hat” so-to-say, on the relationship you may share. Friendship, kinship or romantic involvement- it doesn’t matter. Never lose sight of who you want to be despite how others make you feel.


If there is an unfortunate occurrence where you have to leave behind a friendship or situation, make peace with it. Accept the unsaid apology and don’t carry the baggage with you. It will destroy your peace.

I think this could be a good fire starter (not literally- metaphorically). I can be more meaningful in lives of those who surround me. I can let go of the past. I can be friendly and caring without being taken advantage of. I can try more to keep kind words in my mouth. Not necessarily towards friends or relatives, but anyone. I cannot and will not change everyone. I can, however, donate my passion, share my love and smile all day long. I can try to do it everyday, whether it’s reciprocated or not, and maybe this will start small but eventually infect others.

Do you vow to leave the hurtful, mindless, and uncanny talk? Maybe you could be more mindful of how you treat others… Delight them with generosity and good intentions.

I am far from perfect and in many ways I have let others down. I still pray for strength to make it through each day and thank the Lord for each new day. I look for inspirations to be the best person I can be. Not only for me but for others. I hope this touches someone’s heart and allows them to see that perfection isn’t possible and kindness is needed. Forgiveness is something we can do on our own and that our judgement is unnecessary. Everyone is responsible for themselves, their own actions and their own words.

Graciously, I live. Willingly, I make peace. Purposefully, I love. Consciously, I am present. Today. Tomorrow. Always.


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