Boys will be boys.

If there is a mud puddle, Kendall grabs a truck and destroys it. Not the truck but the puddle. He doesn’t get his feet wet. He doesn’t jump in the puddle. He doesn’t make mud balls. He just proceeds to “mud” the truck over and over. I do believe that one day, when he’s old enough to drive, he will be a lot like his Uncle Levi. He tells me all the time how many vehicles he’ll have. I can guarantee his most favorite will be his “muddin’ truck”.

Boys are just noise covered in dirt with the heart of a angel. They are all different. Some are rough, tough and will test your every ounce of patience. Some are quiet, intellectual and obey your every word. All of the have their own way of winning you over with a grin, a hug or by doing something that you quietly watch and they don’t even have a clue they are being cute.

A little dirt never hurt. God brought the rain and made the dirt. The clouds opened up and raindrops fell to the ground turning the dirt to MUD. Mud is gold in the eyes of these boys. Let them be little. Let them explore. Before you say “NO” ask yourself, “why not?”

Chase wanted to run his four-wheeler through the mud over and over. I said “no” “you are ruining your clothes”. How selfish of me? It’s a shirt. Just a pair of shorts. Who cares if he’s having fun? And guess what? That mud washed right out of his clothes! He wasn’t hurting anyone or anything. He wasn’t destroying the yard or someone’s property. After much thought- I shamed myself. I’m looking into making a  ginormous mud puddle for him. Because, “why not?”


By exploring their world, they are learning about themselves. Who knows what you are raising; A  physicist… Could be a lawyer…. Possibly a stunt man.

Foster their needs, wants and messiness. Let them explore their world. Allow them to discover what happens when rain mixes with dirt. Childhood memories last a lifetime. Give them memories worth remembering.


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