You can if only you try.

On top of the world is a great place to be. The feeling of completion and the high you get when you’re there, can be accomplished from so many different experiences. Obviously, flying in an airplane can leave you feeling- on top of the world. Achieving that great grade in an exam you just knew you failed can lead you to feel- on top of the world. Finding out great news like a pregnancy, cancer in remission, an answered prayer will again leave you feeling- on top of the world. For many different reasons in our short lives on this green and blue earth, I hope that you will at least experience this a couple handful of times.

You know, each and everyday we as humans- adults and children alike- look opportunities straight in the face. Some may take hold and work through to achieve the reward. But others are ignorant to the OPPORTUNITUES for the simple fact they look scary. They are disguised as challenging TASKS, work, and fear succumbs where the path may lead them.

Several times I’ve walked a path blindly. I’ve feared where I was heading and only was able to continue by walking blindly in faith. I’ve had many trying attempts at my goals, wants and dreams and I continue to have to work towards them each and every single day. Mostly blinded but hopeful that the struggles I face while walking through life will soon pass and a bad day is just that- a bad bay.

Adversity is nothing to be ashamed of and never let it frighten you away. I don’t care if you are the King of England; everyone faces it. It’s all about you attitude towards it that can leave you either feeling accomplished and thriving in life. Patting yourself on the back saying, “that was tough, but I did it!” OR you run with or hide behind the feelings of incompetency, the feeling that you are unable to make it through your day and then bowing your head in shame because you fell backwards and now are 15 steps behind and it doesn’t feel as if you’ll ever make it. You CAN if only you try. You will get no where unless you move those feet. Don’t depend on others. Be you. Make a change. Get on top of your world. Be the beast that’s laying dormant inside and fly high.

As I looked into the horizon this morning I realized something: I’m too blessed to be stressed. I’m on top of my world and I am in charge. I can go left today or right, but whichever direction it is I chose I will walk with my chin up. My heart is beating and bold. I have the things that I need and I can work for the things that I want. I am capable. I am competent. I am willing to do what I need to do. At the end of today, I will lay my head to sleep knowing I did what I could and tomorrow is another day. I shared love, kindness, smiles and handshakes. Thank you Lord for today and the opportunity to make amends, right my wrongs and love unconditionally. I am going to do what’s best for my family. And with the strength I have today, I will use it wisely.


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