Believe In Yourself

You are a once in a lifetime person, why live for anything less?

If you’re going through hell, walk on and keep going. A brand new happiness is ahead of you. Each step you take, whether tough, easy or even one you’re uncertain of, it’s well worth it in the end. God put it in your path specifically for a reason. Our God is great and just because your miracle isn’t granted today doesn’t mean he’s not working on another blessing for your life. Thank Him for waking you, providing for you, and loving you. Thank Him for giving you your sorrows because without them you wouldn’t know pure joy. Thank Him for your burdens and difficulties because without them you couldn’t experience peace and calm when they pass. Thank Him when facing an uphill battle because when you’ve made to the top of that mountain, you will be stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. Not to mention you will be able trudge through the next rocky road with more ease and contentment.


I know some of you might think, “That’s easy for her to say, it looks like she’s got an easy life.” Notice the key words there: “it looks”. Sorry to burst the bubble for those who believe that. My life is not now, has not been, never was nor never will be a complete breeze or untroubled. Easier today than yesterday, yes. Easier this year than last, yes. I’ve faced battles and continue daily to face them. I chose to be positive and think positive and yes I have days when I fail and fall and have to work my way back up. But I want happiness so that’s what I choose.
Just keep going! You may not be able to see it right now but your future is bright. It’s up to you how soon you’ll get there. Give thanks. Love much. Stay humble. Be happy. Set goals. Work hard. Achieve greatness.


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