Live Responsibly

Life is made up of all sorts of moments- that’s obvious. What isn’t obvious is that each step you take can lead you to the most important lessons that lie in the darkness. Out of that darkness, you can discover your strengths. Through the depressing gloomy days, you will discover that “this” too shall pass. Whatever “this” may be.

As soon as you discover the brilliant that may lay dormant inside you, you will see that your heart is full. Your life isn’t bleak or pointless at all. As a matter of fact, you are here and there is reason in your life. Reason for smiling. Reason for pain. Reason for hope and reason for misfortune. All the obstacles you work through and overcome will help you find your way and you will be able to discover your strengths.

There were days I thought “I can’t make it”. The depression that proceeded to take over my thoughts, my heart and my life- won. For years, I allowed it to win. I was victim to my own sadness. I lacked motivation to pull myself together and leave the comfort of my own pity party. Something was slowly dying inside. My spirit. Medication isn’t my thing, so I submitted myself to sorrow and it nearly ate me alive some days. I’ve discovered that by giving into those thousands of “why me” thoughts, I lost days, hours, and moments. The hardest part is now realizing I will never get them back. 

Instead of working to find the right people in your life. Be the right people.  Be positive, uplifting, encouraging and inspirational. You will attract what energy you put out. The right people will see your beauty. Your worth. You. Not the beauty that is the most obvious, but the deep inner beauty of your soul. 

When you start working for you, you will discover what you are truly worth. The strength that you will gain from the struggles you face today will only make the next obstacle you face tomorrow, a little more feasible. So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead. Remember on dark days- the stars do not shine without darkness. Something great is within you. Work hard to bring your greatness out and let it shine. No matter how small, it can only grow when you notice and strengthen your spirit. 

As I’ve said before, never take a moment for granted. Don’t let the days slip into months. Make the seconds count because they turn into minutes- minutes into hours and eventually they will be lost. Renew your spirit by seeking inspiration. Daily. Remind yourself you are worthy. You are valued. Do good because you want to and be honest because you respect yourself that much. Only one person is responsible for your security and life- You. Live responsibly. 

2 Corinthians 4:16

    So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

Need a little extra umph in finding ways to fight off your depression? Head over to  7 Powerful Ways to Fight Depression and discover just that. You are not alone. Everyone feels down and out from time to time. Just don’t get stuck there. Stand up and renew your spirit- you are responsible.


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