This is your life. You’re in control.

Many days I wake up and begin talking myself through yet another day of life.

“Today, I will be great. The mood I set right now and the attitude to go with it will make all the difference I may need. Thank you Lord for waking me and please see me through all I face today. Let me be great for I know that I am worthy. There are attainable goals in my future and I am working today to achieve them. There are people who look to me for advice and support. Open my heart so that I may enlighten and restore their strength. If it is your will, allow others to achieve their goals through my guidance and love, along with yours. If nothing else, let another heart be open to you today. You are a great God and you selflessly love all that follow you. Please allow me to follow you gracefully. Thank you Lord for yet another day.”

The following are tips and self-realizations that can help you become all that you can be.


What is that they say about confidence? It’s the best thing you can wear (or something like that). Be confident in yourself but not arrogant. However, oddly enough, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is noticed without broadcasting and arrogance is going around telling everyone you do a good job that way you make sure to be noticed.

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” – unknown


Walking through life, doing the same ol’, same ol’, without any passion is tiresome and mundane. You will get burnt out time and time again. Too many walk through life with their passions hidden. By this I mean, they may know what they want but it is always hidden away within the depths of their thoughts. Keep something with you that reminds you of your passion. A visual- if you are like me, visual reminders are like upstanding mementos to where I’m heading.

You want to write a book? Keep a small notebook with you in your purse or your car with a pen that is ready to write when you are. You want to move up within the company? Keep your desk clean and organized. Work hard and be passionate in all that you do and avoid distraction from the outer world. Focus. Someone will notice your hard work and you will be rewarded. Mediocrity can be paralyzing. If you accept it day after day, you will be nothing more than mediocre. Always go above and beyond.

Keep a reminder note that only you can identify with. Frame it and keep it on your desk, on your counter, your refrigerator. Read it daily, even several times a day. When you read it, you will remember what you are working for.

“I’m going to make you so proud. –Note to self”


Never lose your excitement. Just as the passion, feeling excited about achieving your goal should prosper. Why? Because you worked to achieve something and you did just that! Succeeded. Whatever you put forth- sweat, tears, late nights, overtime hours, many broken pencils and dried up pens- don’t let it go to the way side. Don’t let the excitement you worked for to become ordinary.

”Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Unknown

Walk through your days with your head held high. Stress will come and go, it’s supposed to- this is life after all. The excitement you felt in the days after achieving your dream, goal, or vision- keep it real. Even if you are between visions right now and it seems that you’re in a stand still- don’t lose your enthusiasm, your passion, and your visions. Your next success may be just around the corner.


Your journey in life has a purpose. Each and every thing that you do has a purpose. Anything you ever do is never for NOTHING. There is a purpose for failure and accomplishments, let downs and blessings. There is a reason for every trial we go through. You can look at it as a way for growth and maturing. OR you can see it as- nothing will ever change, my purpose will never be clear or meaningful. My life will never go anywhere.

There is always a lesson to be learned, knowledge to be gained and set-backs to happen- All for good reason. Walk through each day with purpose expecting to find what you are put on this Earth to do, who you’re destined to be. It all happens right at the exact perfect moment.


What happens when you work hard every day? You grow, you learn, you succeed. With the right attitude, you have the opportunity to increase success and productivity. If you show up day in and day out, doing only what is expected and never putting anymore thought into your job or your life- two things will happen; burn-out and the feeling of defeat.


If you are working towards something, always be on the hunt for a way to make your job better. “What can I change to allow the routine to be smoother?” “How can I increase my ability to perform?” “Where can I improve so that I may be more beneficial in my position?”

Passion goes along with growth. When you are more passionate about where you are going, the more you are able to grow and be an asset. An asset in your life, your job or your goal. Always be working on you. Sharpening your skills, furthering your thoughts, increasing your knowledge. Do so because you want to succeed and grow.

Drive for more

There is no other feeling like the feeling of success and accomplishment. Once you achieve even the smallest of your goals, you get this feeling deep inside your gut that grows into confidence. Confidence that sparks you inner curiosity and hunger for wanting bigger, better, further… more. When your dreams become bigger, you will work harder, seeking to achieve yet the next goal. Never settle for less than your dreams and don’t become so easily satisfied that you forget to make new goals and strive for more than you think you are worth. You are worth way more than you believe.

You spend time like you spend money.  ~Joel Osteen.

Always go ahead with productivity in mind and spend your time wisely. When you decide it’s time to start trying to move towards accomplishment, you will begin to see that you can if only you try. You will be tested and tried. But remember- giving up isn’t an option unless something greater comes along. If you go ahead with money on the brain you will forget your passions and purposes. (YES, money, it truly is the root of all evil. At times this does get in the way of my success. YES, I am human, I just need reminders.) Work for passion and purpose. One day someone will see how you’ve grown and snatch you up.

LASTLY- Friendly reminder-

Be you. When you want for what someone else has, don’t forget to remember what comes along with that; the stress, bills, sacrifices and obligations it takes for them to have the things that they have. If you want what they have, get up and work towards that goal. Empower and lift each other up in encouragement.  Successful people have no time for negativity. You cannot change the way someone else behaves but you can control whether you give into their behavior.

Most of the information I share with you all is from little to no research. It comes from my thoughts. What some think is common knowledge, others appreciate reminders, straight-forward ideas and profound insights. It helps me relate to the world around me.



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