Breaking Point

What makes people break? Even if it is for a short time; could it be life that makes them change? Depression? Experiences maybe? Priorities? Finding happiness? Losing hope? Stress?

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is some people do veer from their rational path from time to time. They mature, grow up and try to worry about themselves and their family. Then, regrettably, downfalls and shortcomings happen. Hey, it’s life. Stress and feelings of inadequacy become too much. You are left feeling helpless, hopeless and lost. A great and monstrous sadness sets in exhausting your conscience. Your chest begins to tighten and sleep is hard to come by. Your head begins to pound and perception on life becomes cloudy. All thanks to the many thoughts about how you are being understood, or from something you done in the day. Possibly it’s that you are wanting to be positive in every aspect of your life and miserable days win over your joyous spirit leaving you feeling rotten and despicable. Even if for a time. A week or a year- it’s still a time.

You shouldn’t have to worry other people, right? If you’re like me that answer would be-wrong. Their opinions and judgements effect your day, hell, even your week. Their judgments leave you feeling as if you are a terrible, mindless, careless person. And why? Well for the simple fact that they matter to you. Their opinions matter.

I can turn one simple thought or assumption into 15 facts that may or may not be true. In my mind, it’s the truth. Then I begin to build on them turning them in to a castle filled with problems. Mostly scenarios made up in my head but my brain tells me each one is true and real.

Over thinker much- who? Me?


Where or what does that lead to? Definitely isn’t helping keep peace within is it? More than likely down and out feelings grow into something much larger. Next thing you know, you are drowning in your own sorrow. And then, you figure it out. There’s always an answer to every problem. Instead of complicating things, simplify and breathe.

We as humans, adults and companions, have the ability to empower one another. To lift up, encourage, and boost another person’s spirit. This is huge. We hold tremendous amounts of power all within our being that lie mostly within our actions and more importantly- our words.

When we become compassionate adults, we are in turn teaching our children how to treat others. Because, whether you believe it or not, they are watching and soaking up every word, every gesture that we make towards another human being. Even on your toughest days in your weakest moments, their eyes are on you. Oh Lord, is this ever so tough to remember.

Investing our time, smiles and compliments into one another is a tremendous act of kindness. Because no matter how much money you have, what social status you may hold, or what position you are in- you do have the power to change someone’s day. By the compliments that you give, the kind-hearted smile that you share, or the wink that you send someone’s way- you are validating their purpose and that they do mean something. With good intention in your heart, patience in your voice and gentleness in your touch, altruism and selflessness are reciprocated.

Do yourself a favor-

Surround yourself with the types of people that make your light shine brighter. You know, those people who can make you laugh in their slightest effort. The kind of people who offer a hand when you’re in need and they truly mean it. People who never take advantage of you, even when you are most vulnerable and at your weakest point. People who genuinely care and understand a bad day and can turn that around for you or join you in the sulking (either way, but I prefer the first). Those are the type of people to keep around. You will gain a considerable amount of knowledge and enlightenment by observing their giving love. I reckon I’m one lucky gal because those are qualities I see in my friends- my true friends.


God has been testing me the past week. I’m talking the kind of test that no matter how hard you study or prepared for, you cannot find the answers. It took me two days to see a pale light in my very darkest second. But I feel something. I don’t know what is happening but I know that God is working on me; there is something to come of this. He’s teaching me something and if only I would be still enough to see. I will be stronger, smarter, kinder, and more sincere. No matter what comes my way, if I have the right attitude, I can and I will succeed.

Life has been known to bring us hard times, tough choices, and exciting news that later leads to disappointment. I’ve came to realize that, some lessons are learned best through pain. Occasionally, we have to break in order to be put together whole. In order for our vision to be clear once again, our eyes need to be washed with tears. Tears communicate for our mouth when it doesn’t have the words to speak. Stay strong and fight through the madness; do your best each and every day. And remember, the struggles you go through in life only make you stronger. The changes that you choose to make or changes that happen without choice, they only make you wiser. Eventually, happiness will find its way into your life. Stay positive! Embrace the lesson being taught and learn from it. And please, forgive me on my journey, it’s easy to get lost.

I say- thank goodness for weekends. It’s time to make an update and reboot.


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