Good Morning Monday

Well, you’ve made it another blessed day that just so happens to be Monday. The coffee is brewing and the children are stirring. I used to loath Monday’s but in reality, they’re not that bad. No matter what you look like when you roll out from under your warmed sheets, wonderful opportunities are ahead of you today, tomorrow…all week long. You may not be able to see through all the rubbish, static, downfalls, and short comings but look out your window.

The sunshine is out there, somewhere. Trying it’s hardest to shine through to warm up this thing called life. Sunshine can do so many things for the human spirit. It can make a smile bigger, a heart warmer, and positivity shine through our soul. Your actions must be intentional and you must be willing to reach for the unreachable. Without putting that first foot forward, you’ll be left standing in the same spot. Stuck in comfort and going nowhere.

Everyone has a comfort zone. It’s warm, cozy, enticing and inviting. But it also has limitations, setbacks, disadvantages and it’s surrounded by a brick wall. You have to be willing to break down that brick wall in order to make progress. It’s going to take sweat, tears and strength.

“But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” ~2 Chronicles 15:7

Remember YOU have power over your mind and not outside events. Your attitude contributes to your strength. If you think you can, you will and if you think you can’t, you won’t. Seams simple but you have to do more than say these words. You have to say them, read them, and believe them. Not just today but every single day. Every morning wake up thinking this. “I can and I will. Today I will do what I thought I couldn’t yesterday. Today I have the power to make a change and I will.” And then do.

Keep your head and eyes pointed up. Your courage will be reinforced each time you succeed. Goals always seem impossible until you achieve them. Start with small goals and make them reachable. Even if it is as small as organizing your cabinets, going out to collect applications or getting your workout in before bedtime. When you achieve even that simple goal, you will have your conscience saying, “Did you see that? Now go higher, further, faster, longer. You’re capable to make bigger goals because of what you’ve accomplished.”

Think it seems foolish? Maybe too small? Give it a try. Start small, get stubborn and make a change.

Don’t be afraid to make a change because of the fear of failure. Apprehension can be a show stopper. Bringing your plans, goals and dreams to a screeching, grinding halt. Anxiety is terrifying. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and mostly occurs from over thinking every-single-thing. (I’m a very anxious person. A never ending goal for me.) Fear can be paralyzing. Holding you back with your own insecurities. So what do you do? You STOP being afraid of what could go wrong and think of everything that could go right.

Get busy making goals. Get off your tush and start today. Great things are ahead of you. And remember: you have a CHOICE to take a CHANCE to make a CHANGE. I’m not sure who came up with this but I think it’s rather clever.

Whatever it is you decide your goal is, you can and you will if only you’ll try.

Now, to figure out which goal I want to achieve first?! Making it out of the house on time seems like a good start.


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