Stuck on inspiration

I’ve contemplated where to go with my inspirations. I’ve shared them for some time on Facebook. Many have said, “Write a book,” I say, “someday.” Others have said, “Be a motivational speaker,” I say, “where do I start?” So today, I start here. My very own blog. A bit scary but no one ever achieved a goal without a little apprehension in their gut.

New to the blogging world and unsure of where it’s going to take me, I figured, why not? This is a place for me to share enthusiastic ideas, funny stories, my life, but overall, inspiration. We are all fighting our way through life. Trying to make it to the next day. Sometimes succeeding, other times failing. But no matter, each day you open your eyes is another chance. Today, I step up and take my chances. If nothing else, I’ll have a place to come and read my very own memories.

I’ll share and reshare my past posts. I’ll let you in on my secrets and hope to learn some advice from you all. If you have suggestions, questions, devotions- share them with me.

Setting this dream into motion. Ready? Set? GO.


6 thoughts on “Stuck on inspiration

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  1. You truely are such an inspiration to many for all ages! I look forward to reading your post. They are always filled with emotion. Some make me cry, some make me laugh, all make me want to be a better person. Good luck on never getting stuck!


    1. Thanks Jodi! I may need that luck as I head into this. It means so much to have loyal readers! And that’s just a bonus to knowing I’ve inspired someone. ☺️


  2. Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to do this?!? I’m super excited about your journey on this blogging and I can’t wait to follow you on this journey!!


  3. You are an inspiration to many. I believe you will go places I and many people only dream of. Good luck on this journey and know you will touch many hearts and lives. Love you and I’m soooo proud.


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